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Breath Dice™ 

There's so much to talk about. We have created 4 Unique Dice Sets for your Healing, Growth, having a caring, in tune guide in your pocket. These illuminating jewels are ready to simplify your journey to inner wisdom and outer clarity.
inner wisdom + outer clarity = simplified, wholeness living
It's magical, but not magic.
Roll your way home to your true Self.

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Breath Dice™

Two 8-sided dice, with nature based- cast resin themes. The symbols are clear, beautiful and easy to anchor into a rich inner and outer, anywhere practice. There is robust downloadable content that you can sign up for in a safe area with a qr code that comes with your dice purchase. Like a course, there will be in  video, audio, pdf goodies backed in sound practices, and updated as I add or modify.  
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Special Editions

Each special Edition can be used independently and also mingled with any other Breath Dice™ family member! They will all have their own content to download in their own section. Limited, nature-themed, beautiful little gems. We'll let you know what they're about and when they're available!
Easy peasy to learn, life changing to use. 

Private Community

Join our community and connect with other Breathers from around the world who are exploring their dice. Together, we share experiences and the uniques ways people expand on how they use them, how they are helped by them! Learn and share with the ever growing community in a private, kind space, away from distractions and noise. Upload images, videos, comments, and make special connections with each other! 

Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair

That's me. Nice to meet you. 

This is a passion project based on my experience and work. What can I offer that seems the most helpful for those who have been coming to me for so long? What would've been helpful to me at so many key moment in my life, or even now? This dice collection is one of the answers to this question. They help make our inner home and truth as accessible as possible, because we all need each other as we were meant to be - that's the hokey pokey for me, it always has been. These dice help us access our inner truth and home in ways that are simplified and effective. We can always and only begin where we are...Let's come home, now to our own selves, and to each other, in curiosity, resilience, and joy.

i've had a pretty unconventional life, met a lot of incredible people, gone a lot of places. I think that set the course for me to study a rich body of cultures, beliefs, practices. I am a former hospice nurse, spiritual sociologist, intuitive counselor, therapeutic artist, grief specialist, ADHD coach, master life coach, interfaith minister and ... well a lot of things. If you really want to know more...Just ask, I'll answer and can even send you to a link. It all combines so I can serve you with all my heart, knowledge and wonder.

Let's roll some dice.

See you inside!
Please visit my home site,Begin Peace or my course site, to learn more about the rest of my offerings. Maybe there's something more there for you? Ama la vita d'altro, Birdi

Citrus Sloth Craft Emporium

Rosalie Sinclair - Meet the Maker

Rosalie Sinclair, is a late-stage PhD candidate at UC Davis plant biology graduate group. She is a part time maker and it is what brings balance into her life. When she is not looking under a microscope and taking care of her research plants, she is usually at the campus craft center where she first got the casting bug in lost wax casting, followed by glass casting and eventually resin casting. She loves creativity with a nature twist and science, so when they can all harmonize it brings her so much joy. Additionally she is community-minded and passionate about developing equitable resources and engagement for disabled and differently abled, widening accessibility for those who have societal obstacles. She is always on the lookout for ways to expand knowledge and experiences to widen options and opportunities to the sciences, personal development, and arts. IG:@citrussloth

Our best helpers, Rosalie Sinclair, Birdi Sinclair Breath Dice, Citrus Sloth Begin Peace

Did I Mention...

We're mother and daughter?

Rosalie is on the west coast and I am on the east coast. We pulled together our passions, education, and skills to create this for you. It is a deep delight to share this in every way. AND my son, Tim, is a skilled nature photographer (among other things) who happens to live near Rosalie. He will be taking the photos of our creations! What? How did this happen? 

Winter solitude
In a world of one color
The sound of wind.

~Matsuo Basho~ 1644-1694